A Day Filled With Love – Gift a Smile 16.1

Gift a Smile 16.1 is a community service project not new to Rotaract Mora. This year’s project was on a girls’ home in Kumbuka, Gonapola and was concluded successfully on 11th September 2016. Project chairpersons were Rtr. Gevindu Ediriweera and Rtr. Bimal Yasasvi. There are 11 girls living in the place. Our plan was to spend some happy hours with them and share some love, and so we did.

We got there around 10AM and Rtr. Chinthani started and sparked the happiness with some fun games. First item was a passing-the-hat-with-music game and most girls swallowed the frogs in their throats and joined the fun. Then everyone got out to the garden for the outdoor games organized by our own creative Rotaractors: Koumudi, Amali and Bavindi.

The girls got so much close with our female Rotaractors. We were not allowed to ask about their history or their personal information. But they did not treat us as strangers as we talked hours with them.

Then Rtr. Gayantha started to showcase his musical skills by playing his guitar. All the people gathered around him in a circle and started singing all the songs which came to their minds. Most of the songs were not even complete but it didn’t even matter. It was a gleeful moment full of laughs and giggles.

We served them with the lunch and some tea in the evening. We were not allowed to directly offer them food or drinks as per orders by the lady in charge. Those rules were for their own safety.

At the end of the day, we distributed the gifts among the girls. They were both surprised and overwhelmed with happiness to see their gifts. Most of them were eager to open them in that very moment.

We could donate Rs. 10,000 to the girls’ home as an aid for the fee they have to pay for their new water supply.

This successful event was completely funded by people who had their birthdays in July, August and September. The lunch, gifts and all other expenses were covered by their generous donations. So if you helped Gift a Smile 16.1 with your kind donations, feel happy and generous because you made the day of an innocent soul a very happy one.

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