Manusath Handa – Voice of Humanity

As written by Rtr. Nushan Vitharana

“Open your eyes and see what’s happening in the world”

We can see beauty. We can feel life. We can learn from the world.

“Munusath Handa” is one of the major projects in the avenue of community service, focused on students just like us, who love to learn but are unfortunate to see the world. For them to learn, certain O/L subject materials which were identified essential were not available in braille form; for which we provided braille material. Though available, some materials were expensive to afford. We provided recorded content of these materials. This was identified as a mammoth humane endeavor by many parties.

In the first phase of the project we recorded ordinary level examination past papers. During the recording process, we divided papers into sets of 10 questions, and asked differently-abled students to select questions according to their preference. After collecting all recordings, we copied them into CDs. The first phase concluded successfully after distributing them among schools of differently-abled students.

In the second phase, which is ongoing, we record newspaper articles selected from the “Vijaya” newspaper. Every week we post the list of the articles in the WhatsApp group, then they select an article as they wish. As in the first phase we are willing to copy recorded articles into CDs and distribute among the schools.

Recording a small article is not a big deal for us. People who are involved in this project are involved wholeheartedly. We all shared the same wish that “they will also learn what we learn overcoming their physical disabilities”. Nevertheless, when it comes to their perspective this was a lot more than a set of recordings.

Our next step is to launch the online library in collaboration with the IT division of Rotaract Club of University of Moratuwa. This is intended to provide a platform to work from their homes. Braille materials or CDs will not be needed. They can download and listen to any subject they prefer to study or enthusiastic to learn by browsing this online library. 

“Munusath Hada” is not only a project that tries to maintain a gracious relationship between society and us, but also it is all about bonding amongst the society. This is the voice of humanity.

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