Cast four camp fire was one of the series of cast four projects for the rotaract year 2015/16 . Under the guidance of avenue directors , Bhanuka Abeygunawardhana and Tharuka Dilshan the event was planned. The project chairs were Amindha Jayasena and Sudaraka Jayathilaka. This project was organized mainly targeting the rotaractors of Rotaract Mora. But the new comers were also allowed to participate in the event. The total number of participants was around 70.

The event was commenced with a short drama of some rotaractors. Afterwards the members were asked to sit separately in their respective teams and they were assigned with some group tasks. Such as singing a song and form a group dance within a given time.

After the activities , the participants were served with the dinner and every one was happy and enjoying the event.

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