The primary concept of the project Green Dream came up during the annual club trip to Roonakanda. Followed by a discussion with Mr. Udaya Chanaka, an environmentalist in the country, Green Dream was initiated with the objective of retrieving the deforested areas in the country through a re-plantation process. The project was chaired by Rtr. Pasan Hewa Kandambi in collaboration with the non-profit organization, ‘Friends of Bio-diversity’.

Phase 01

Roonakanda, the second largest lowland rainforest in Sri Lanka extends over an area of 4500 hectares. Initial phase of Green Dream was carried out in Roonakanada reserve on 8th and 9th of December, 2012 laying the primary steps for reforesting the area. The Rotaractors cleared up about an acre of the forest ground for the plantation and prepared a plant nursery of more than 50 endemic plants intending to plant them in the reserve at a future date.

Phase 02

The second phase of Green Dream was commenced on 28th January, 2013 at the Roonakanda Preservation Centre. The nursery of 70 endemic plants, set up during the initial phase was flourishing and was extended by 100 new brethren during the second phase.

Press Conference

The media conference of Green Dream was held on 3rd March, 2013 at the Royal College Union Skills Centre, with the objective of raising public awareness and funds for this self-funded project. It was graced by the presence of DRR Rtr. Dilhan Jayatillake, Rtn. Brian Selvanayagam, officials of ‘Friends of Bio- Diversity’ and media representatives. Mr. Udaya Chanaka, the president of ‘Friends of Bio-Diversity’ emphasized the environmental significance of Roonakanda forest and timely importance of a reforestation program.

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