Club Services

The club members and their unity is the life force that enables Rotaract Mora to reach greater heights each year. Our Rotaractors who represent all three faculties of the university are talented in diverse paths and keen on enjoying the life. In every step the club takes, the involvement of all the club members is ensured. Rotaract Mora brings the undergraduates from different faculties together and creates a pleasurable environment to interact with each other and discovers their potential in the process.

Community Services

Rotaract Mora’s insight on the world is boundless. We reach the unreached, listen to their untold stories and serve the unserved in our community. We always strive to bring upon a smile, to extend a helping hand to those in need and to persuade the community to help their own.

International Relations

There exists no boundaries for fellowship when it comes to Rotaract Mora. We extend our hands of brotherhood across the ocean and share moments with Rotaractors around the world. As we strive together, we continue to dream higher and reach wider.

Professional Development

Based on the best technical university in the country, the Rotaract Club of University of Moratuwa has the privilege of serving the undergraduates to mature into true professionals. Recognizing the future career perspectives in the highly competitive corporate world of today, we, Rotaract Mora aspire to lead in professional development through our efforts.